Previous Shows!

Below is a chronological  list of shows mounted by VOS. As we have show pictures available we will make the name of the show a link to those pictures.

Show Dates Show Name Production Team
2019 – May Shrek: The Musical Roger Carr, Heather Burns & Dave Flello, Jennifer Sanders, Mary Lynne Britt & Margaret Bowes, Jessica Bambrough
2018 – November Rent: The Musical Doug Crockett, Brad L’Écuyer, Bryony Blake, Suzan Pyke & Jessica Charlesworth, Janet Hender
2018 – May 9 to 5 Pat Rundell, Samantha Currie, Nancy Curry, Suzanne Dane, Suzan Pyke, Janet Hender, Jessica Bambrough
2017 – November Anne of Green Gables: the Musical Tara Britt, Brad L’Écuyer, Mary-Lynne Britt, Darren Rathgaber, Rob McDonald, Janet Hender, Guy Chester
2017 – May Sunset Boulevard Heather-Elayne Day, Tom Mitchell, Patrick Heath, Meg Walmsley, Janet Hender, Guy Chester
2016 – September Monty Python’s Spamalot Remount Roger Carr, Hilary Coupland, Jennifer Sanders, Mary-Lynne Britt, Heather Lewis, Katt Campbell
2016 – November A Chorus Line Tara Britt, Yanik Giroux, Sylvia Hosie, Mary-Lynne Britt, Janet Hender
2016 – May Monty Python’s Spamalot Roger Carr, Hilary Coupland, Jennifer Sanders, Mary-Lynne Britt, Heather Lewis, Katt Campbell
2015 – May Les Misérables Matthew Howe, Heather Burns, Sue Pyke, Patrick Heath, Janet Hender
2015 – December Meet Me In St. Louis Chris Moss, Tom Mitchell, Katelyn Bryn MacKellen, Mary-Lynne Britt, Katt Campbell, Rob McDonald
2014 – May Thoroughly Modern Millie Jessica Hickman, Heather Burns, Rebecca Horvey, Avery Brennan, Margaret Bowes, Pat Rundell, Janet Hender, Judy Carruth
2014 – May VOS Celebrates the Sylvia Hosie, Tara Britt, Heather Burns, Mary-Lynne Britt, Janet Hender
2014 – June Broadway: Decades in Revue Sylvia Hosie, Tara Britt, Heather Burns, Mary-Lynne Britt, Janet Hender
2014 – December A Christmas Story the Musical Patrick Rundell, Tara Britt, Brad L’Écuyer, Mary-Lynne Britt, Janet Hender
2013 – May Miss Saigon Roger Carr, Hilary Coupland, Heidi Fox Lange
2013 – December Annie Tara Britt, Deanna Callender, Rob Cooper, Deb Simpson, Mary-Lynne Britt
2012 – May Brigadoon Tara Britt, Fran Bitonti, Rick Underwood, Yoomi Kim, Patrick Heath, Kelley O’Connor
2012 – December Sound of Music Jaymes D. Goodman, Robert Cooper, Stephanie Geehan
2011 – May Broadway: Decades in Revue Tara Britt, David Brillinger, Sylvia Hosie, Heather Burns
2011 – December White Christmas Don Keith, Hilary Coupland, Jessica Hickman, Mary-Lynne Britt
2010 – November Wizard of Oz Matthew Howe, Heather Burns, Patrick Heath
2010 – April Grease Roger Carr, Heather-Elayne Day, Rainer Roth
2009 – November Gypsy Tara Britt, Sylvia Hosie, Rob Cooper
2009 – May The Will Rogers Follies Matthew Howe, Heather Burns
2008 – November Guys and Dolls Chris Moss, Hilary Coupland, Jessica Hickman
2008 – May Hello, Dolly! Jeanette Dagger, Rick Underwood, Richard Simmonds
2007 – November West Side Story Jaymes D Goodman, Phil Hallman, Lynn Spargo, Lia Biros
2007 – May The Music Man Jeanette Dagger, George Corwin, Tracy Houser
2006 – November Disney’s Beauty & The Beast David Brillinger, Heather-Elayne Day, Jennifer Sanders, Phil Hallman
2006 – April Evita Chris Moss, Rob Cooper, Leah Walker
2005 – November Oklahoma Mitch McGowan, Hilary Coupland, Elise Hoeppener
2005 – April Crazy For You Stan Davis, Hilary Coupland, Sylvia Hosie
2004 – November Oliver Roger Carr, Kim Breiland, Donna Williams,
2004 – April Joseph and the Amazing David Brillinger, Holly McGimpsey, Rainer Roth, Jennifer Sanders,
2003 – November Fiddler on the Roof John Roebuck, Hilary Coupland, Leah Moreau
2003 – May The Yeomen of the Guard Chris Moss, Michael Gormley, Heather Lewis
2002 – November A Christmas Carol T. Bukowiecki, N. McLachlan, K. Gilbert, Eileen Langstaff, Diane Murton
2002 – April Sweeney Todd Roger Carr, Donna Williams, David Roland, Lindy Van Alstine
2001 – November Secret Garden David Walcer, Hilary Coupland, M. Insley, S. Eaves
2001 – April On Broadway Sylvia Hosie, Bob Leblanc, David Brillinger, Eileen Langstaff
2000 – November Me and My Girl Charles Forget, Mark Mares, Drew Kemp, Hilary Coupland, S. Walton
2000 – April La Cage aux Folles Lindy van Alstine, Roger Carr, Donna Williams, Mary-Lynne Britt
1999 – November Anne of Green Gables R. Pugh, B. Lankin, S. Hosie, R. Underwood
1999 – April Anything Goes P. MacKenzie, J. Roebuck, R. Underwood, S. Ryrie
1998 – November Legends of Broadway B. LeBlanc, H. Day, H. McGimpsey, J. Sanders
1998 – April Carousel D. Murton, R. Carr, D. Williams, D. Roland
1997 – November Mame A. MacKenzie, L. Childs, B. Johnston, H. Coupland, M. Dewey
1997 – April My Fair Lady J. Jones, B. Mather, T. Mitchell, G. Newman
1996 – November Brigadoon S. Henson, H. Day, R. Underwood, A. Cole
1996 – April Into the Woods J. Jones, R. Carr, D. Williams, A. Sturrock, L. van Alstine
1995 – November The Mikado H. McGimpsey, D. Kemp, M. Gormley, K. Breiland
1995 – April Evita S. Henson, J. Britt, S. Hosie, M. Gormley, H. Day, J. Sanders
1994 – November Camelot S. Henson, B. Siegel, B. Hyslop, H. Coupland, I. Jupp
1994 – April The Sound of Music J. Jones, B. Siegel, D. Kemp, J. Fawcett, A. Sturrock
1993 – November West Side Story H. McGimpsey, H. Day, M. Gormley, M. Abney
1993 – July A Funny Thing Happened G. Mastin, D. Kemp, D. Williams, P. Scherbey
1993 – April South Pacific J. Jones, R. Henson, S. Henson, J. Fawcett, G. Neuman
1992 – November Kiss Me Kate L. Childs, B. Siegel, B. Lenton, H. Coupland, P. LeVert, B. Jansen-Jones
1992 – July A Chorus Line P. MacKenzie, J. Britt, H. Day, R. Underwood
1992 – April Jesus Christ Superstar P. MacKenzie, D. Bambrough, R. Underwood, W. Steen-Mitchell
1991 – November Fiddler on the Roof S. Pasta, A. Bailey, R. Henson, S. Henson, J. Fawcett
1991 – April Man of La Mancha S. Henson, W. Moore-McQueen, D. Williams
1990 – April My Fair Lady S. Henson, M. Dean, R. Henson, R. Underwood, I. Jupp
1989 – November The Wizard of Oz M. Ericksen, A. Cobb, H. Coupland, W. Steen-Mitchell
1989 – April Oklahoma! S. Brillinger, R. Pugh, M. Wright, R. Underwood, H. Day
1988 – October Hello Dolly! S. Brillinger, P. MacKenzie, N. Singer, J. Fawcett, R. Simmonds
1988 – April Zorba M. Fatin, D. Kemp, H. Denike, B. Salmond, J. Fawcett
1987 – April Best Little Whorehouse in Texas R. Pugh, D. Kemp, K. Carbol, G. Neuman
1986 – November Iolanthe O. Cobb, R. Cooper, R. Simmonds
1986 – May The King and I H. McGimpsey, D. Bambrough, R. Cooper, W. Steen-Thomas
1985 – November Guys and Dolls B. Lenton, H. Coupland, K. Breiland
1985 – May The Mikado H. McGimpsey, A. Cumming, R. Cooper, H. Day
1984 – November Annie Get Your Gun A. Purdy, R. Cooper, H. Day
1984 – April The Sound of Music P. MacKenzie, D. Bambrough, H. Frost, D. Allen
1983 – November Oliver! O. Cobb, J. Humphries, J. Getgood, D. Allen
1983 – April Sweet Charity J. Hutchinson, J. Treloar, R. Underwood, W. Steen-Thomas
1982 – November Dick Whittington and his Cat S. Veder, T. Burton, H. Denike, H. Day
1982 – April South Pacific B. Clarke, C. Skinner, J. Getgood, W. Steen-Thomas
1981 – November Flower Drum Song D. Murton, J. Treloar, R. Underwood, G. Neuman
1981 – April Showboat S. Taylor, L. DeGuevara, R. Cooper, W. Steen-Thomas
1980 – November The Music Man G. Guest. H. Denike, H. Day
1980 – April Fiddler on the Roof P. Draper, B. Campbell, C. Skinner, R. Cooper, H. Day, S. Black
1979 – November Brigadoon P. Taylor, C. Clarke, H. Denike, W. Steen-Thomas
1979 – April Jesus Christ Superstar P. MacKenzie, D. Bambrough, C. Donison, G. Taylor, G. Lefever, H. Day
1978 – November The Wizard of Oz A. Cobb, C. Skinner, H. Denike, K. Krich
1978 – April My Fair Lady A. Buie, G. Peyton, R. Cooper, G. Lefever, H. Day
1977 – November Die FLedermaus B. Johnson, C. Clarke, R. Cooper, J. Elsdon, M. Eastick
1977 – April Kiss Me Kate S. McCandless, C. Skinner, R. Cooper, R. Simmonds
1976 – November The Stingiest Man in Town M. Duff, C. Skinner, T. Jones, S. Black
1976 – April Can-Can P. MacKenzie, A. Budd, R. Cooper, B. Eversfield
1975 – November Oklahoma! M. Duff, A. Purdy, T. Jones
1975 – April Camelot P. Gaskell, G. Peyton, H. Denike, R. Simmonds
1974 – November Man of La Mancha P. MacKenzie, A. Purdy, T. Jones, J. Elsdon
1974 – April Mame J. Woodland, J. Bray, M. Stephan, H. Denike, G. Lefever
1973 – November Guys & Dolls G. Glew, T. Gaskell, H. Denike, A. Gibson
1973 – March Merry Widow G. Glew, T. Gaskell, R. Webster, S. Black
1972 – November Oliver! M. Stephen, H. Denike, G. Glew, J. Elsdon, G. Lefever
1972 – April The Pajama Game A. Senior, H. Elsdon, J. Elsdon, H. Denike
1971 – November The Sound of Music A. Purdy, T. Jones, K. Senior, B. Eversfield
1971 – April Music Man T. Nicholson, H. Denike, G. Lefever
1970 – November South Pacific W. Burgess, H. Denike, G. Glew
1970 – May Carousel A. Purdy, T. Jones
1969 – November The King and I A. Purdy, T. Jones
1969 – May My Fair Lady H. Elsdon, J. Elsdon, H. Denike
1968 – November The Desert Song R. Litt, D. Hendrie
1968 – April Brigadoon C. Clarke, H. Denike, J. Elsdon
1967 – November The Stingiest Man in Town S. Baker, H. Denike
1967 – May Annie Get Your Gun C. Clarke, H. Denike, W. Shaw
1966 – May Oklahoma! A. Purdy, H. Denike, J. Elsdon
1965 – November The Red Mill A. Purdy, H. Denike
1965 – May The Merry Widow C. Clarke, H. Denike
1964 – Fall Showboat (Radio) H. Denike, W. Cowndon
1964 – April The Mikado T. Nicholson, J. Gayfer
1963 – May Song of Norway V. Mills, F. Slater
1963 – Fall Carousel (Radio) H. Dinike, W. Cowndon
1962 – November Cox and Box & Down in the Valley B. Williams, J. Gayfer, P. Dyson
1962 – May The Gypsy Baron A. Budd, J. Gayfer
1961 – November Trial by Jury & Family Album A. Budd, J. Gayfer
1961 – May The New Moon A. Budd, S. Hoban
1960 – November Cabaret S. Brillinger, B. Johnston, C. Harman
1960 – May Brigadoon F. Nicholson, D. MacDermot, W. Shaw, A. Duncan
1960 – December H.M.S Pinafore T. Nicholson, S. Hoban
1959 – Fall Oklahoma! (Radio) H. Denike, W. Cowndon
1959 – April Die Fledermaus A. Johnson, S. Hoban
1958 – May Yeoman of the Guard A. Johnson, M. Allen, F. Brawn
1958 – Fall The Bohemian Girl (Radio) H. Denike, W. Cowndon
1957 – April The Chocolate Soldier A. Budd, J. Yeoman
1956 – November All Aboard T. Lockhart
1956 – April Pirates of Penzance J. Yeoman, A. Budd
1955 – November Trial by Jury M. Allen, M. Knudsen
1954 – November Merrie England M. Francis, C. Ozard, W. Shaw
1954 – April The Gondoliers M. Allen, M. Knudsen
1953 – April The Merry Widow V. Mills, M. Knudsen
1952 – November The Mikado V. Mills, M. Knudsen
1952 – May The Red Mill M. Francis, H. Bigsby, W. Shaw
1951 – November H.M.S. Pinafore V. Mills, H. Bigsby
1951 – February Yeomen of the Guard V. Mills, H. Bigsby
1950 – March Pirates of Penzance V. Mills, G. Bower
1949 – March Iolanthe V. Mills, G. Bower, K. Costain
1948 – March The Mikado W. Taylor, G. Bower
1947 – May The Gondoliers W. Taylor, M. Knudsen, K. Costain
1946 – June H.M.S. Pinafore W. Taylor, M. Knudsen