honouring our members…

Any member may recommend and put forward another member’s name with written justification for the Board’s consideration. Deadline for nominations if mid-July (specific dates are announced annually). The Executive will review all nominations and selections will be announced at the AGM in September. For more information or to submit a recommendation, please email or phone 250-381-1021.

Honorary Members

The purpose of this designation is to recognize individuals that have significantly contributed to the society’s well being and longevity. Nominees must exhibit outstanding contributions to the Society and must have at least 20 consecutive years as a member, served at least three two-year terms on the Board of Directors, and been involved in numerous productions in any capacity. Many Honorary members still actively participate in all aspects of VOS.

  • Francesca Bitonti
  • Fern Brawn
  • David Brillinger
  • John Britt
  • Mary-Lynne Britt
  • Patricia Draper
  • Doug Eriksen
  • Pat Girvin
  • Gwen Glew
  • Patrick Heath
  • Norah Hughes (Founder)
  • Joanne (Jones) Huston
  • John Laing
  • Heather Lewis
  • Holly McGimpsey
  • Alan MacKenzie
  • Peta MacKenzie
  • Doreen Massam
  • Loraine Travis

Dave Milligan Recognition Award

Dave Milligan was a member of the VOS for many years. He was Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager, a Dancer, Performer and worked crew for many shows. Davey died suddenly in 2002 and VOS wanted to do something to recognize this amazing man. The purpose of the Dave Milligan Volunteer Recognition Award is to recognize outstanding volunteers during the previous season (July to June). The qualities we look for are: Outstanding contribution to the Society on and/or off stage, always willing to help, positive representative of the VOS, always there when needed.

  • Janet Hender – 2017
  • Mary-Lynne Britt – 2017
  • Mary-Lynne Britt – 2014
  • Fran Bitonti – 2013
  • Mark Riishede – 2013
  • Lal O’Connor – 2011
  • Peta MacKenzie – 2011
  • David Hardwick – 2010
  • David Brillinger – 2009
  • Guy Chester – 2008
  • Tara Britt – 2007
  • Karl Issel – 2007
  • John Britt – 2005
  • John Laing – 2005
  • Lindy Van Alstine – 2004
  • Adrian Butler – 2003
  • Rosemary Pugh – 2002