OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS! The applications for the production team for VOS’s spring production of Legally Blonde: The Musical are now open!

The Process/What to expect:

– Hopeful candidates will submit for one or more production team roles using the online form provided below.
– All candidates will receive an email confirmation of your submission. (Please check your junk mail)
– The online form will close on August 2nd.
– Creative team candidates (director, choreographer, music director): If selected for an interview, our General Manager will connect via email to schedule an interview on the week of August 25th.
– Interview questions will be sent to all selected interviewees ahead of time – We want everyone to feel as prepared as possible.
– Once the creative team has been selected and confirmed, all candidates will be contacted.

Please note: VOS is looking to hold auditions for Legally Blonde in November/December to provide all departments with sufficient time to plan before rehearsals.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where will the interviews be held?
A: Interviews for Legally Blonde will be held via Teams or in person.
Q: Can I submit if I’ve never been on a VOS production team before?
A: Yes – All interested candidates are encouraged to submit.
Q: Will everyone who applied receive an interview?
A: No, candidates are encouraged to send as much information regarding their vision for the show in their submission as possible.
Q: What if I have specific people I would like to work with?

A: If you have a suggested team you’d like to work with please mention this within the “additional notes” section of the online form. All members of the suggested team must submit individually.
Q: Can I submit without having a team?
A: Yes – All interested parties are encouraged to submit.
Q: If I get selected for an interview – what’s the best way to prepare?
A: To give each candidate the best opportunity to shine, our interview team will provide the questions along with the interview request. Candidates are encouraged to bring notes, photos, or anything that will help them answer the questions and share their vision for the show.
Q: How do I sign up to be in the Mentorship Program?
A: Select the role you would like to be mentored in (Director, Choreographer, etc) as well as the “Mentorship Program” box.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Dan at

SHOW DATES: May 2nd – 11th 2025